The NHS and Key Workers – Our Beacon Of Light!


Like many other companies, the onslaught of COVID-19 has had an impact on 
Prolight and the sectors we service, but there has been a shining light throughout this pandemic… This has come in the form of community spirit, empathy and appreciation. The clapping for key workers is much more than a simple bringing together of hands, it is bringing together communities and bringing together industries, in particular ours.

We have to say it has been absolutely amazing to see what a simple clap has grown into across the nation: We have seen buildings old and new, small and large being lit up blue in honour of our NHS superheroes, incredible emergency services and amazing key workers, providing that beacon of light, a beacon of hope and a beacon of gratitude.

With such an array of light installations happening across the country, we wanted to say thanks to our industry, our customers or anyone who uses lighting for taking the time to continue spreading thanks and support. We have seen an array of venues over the last few months being lit, the night sky awash with so many different hues of blue, from everyday homes to hospitals, iconic places and structures, to statues and open spaces. Some went the extra mile and created rainbows of colour in honour of all the emergency services, carers, key workers, and of course everyone who is staying at home to get us through this surreal time.

Here is a montage of some of the setups that lit the UK blue utilising some of our key products, including eLumen8s Kudos CM 120 and 9RE Beam, various LEDJ exterior Spectra fixtures including QX40 pixel panel, 15Q8 and 12HEX10 pars, Q15, 18T3 and 24T3 floods, as well as the Aspect feature lights. The ever popular Rapid QB1 uplighters were also a popular choice by many due to their portable and wireless capabilities.

The team at Prolight would personally like to thank all the special people doing what they can to get the UK through this tough time. #thankyounhs #clapforourcarers

NHS Lighting