Prolight showing off @ The DJ Show


What better way to show off our latest and greatest mobile entertainment products than at this years ‘The DJ Show’ held on the 29th-30th June at the Dubai Duty Free Grandstand, Newbury Racecourse, and even though the weather was scorching hot, the show proved to be even hotter with a tremendous footfall over the 2 days.

We showcased the latest fixtures from our Equinox and LEDJ brands with the Arcus and Fusion 200 Zoom Spot taking centre stage.

The Equinox Arcus low fogger omits the need for dry ice creating low lying clouds with only water and low fog fluid, and even has a built-in mode so it just uses water! It doesn’t get much easier than that, and the visitors to ‘The DJ Show’ agreed. The unit comes supplied with a flexible output hose and the on-board control features include DMX and wireless remote, along with a digital display providing versatile and intuitive operation. An optional flight case is available to ensure protection from the rigours of the road and is fitted with wheels to conveniently transport the unit.

The Combi Booth, a DJ Booth and DJ Screen hybrid, was a super popular commodity at this year’s show due to its compact size and versatility. We displayed the Combi Booth with an RGB Power Batten MKII which fitted perfectly snug underneath, impressing people with how a simple back light can change the dynamics of the atmosphere in an instant.

We also showcased 2 of our new moving heads from our Equinox Fusion range; the 200 zoom spot and the 260ZR wash. Both of which impressed with their power output, features and housing style for the price point they come under. With a single 200W LED, the Fusion 200 Spot produces stunning light shows ideal for installation and performers alike. Two bi-directional indexable prisms further bolster the fixtures comprehensive features and a motorised zoom keeps the gobos razor sharp over any distance. The Fusion 260ZR has 19 x 12W quad-colour LEDs (RGBW) outputting gentle pastels to rich saturated colours. Arranged in 3 concentric circles the LEDs offer many different programming options and is also equipped with a 6°- 50° motorised zoom creating stunning colour and pattern effects as well as providing a comprehensive wash coverage.

Still a crowd pleaser and massively popular SFX in the market, our Spark Stream had everyone gathered around and was loved by all, whilst the Rubix was the eye candy of the day with people so intrigued by this bright retro effect they purposely came onto the stand to take a closer look.

Bradley Jeffrey, Product Group Manager comments:

“The show was a great opportunity to showcase some of our newest products that are about to hit the market. With new SFX products like the Arcus, and Fusion series moving heads it is important to let customers get ‘hands on’ and have face-to-face demos of these new products showing their full potential!”

All-in-all the show was a success, and we are looking forward to next year’s already. We have many more new products in the pipeline so to keep up-to-date on what we will be releasing, signup to our NewsBlast.