Prolight WOW @ PLASA, London 2019

Prolight WOW @ Plasa!

Year on year PLASA never disappoints, with an immense turnout once again. Our stand was a hive of activity with people wanting to see our anticipated product releases, including the waterproof Poseidon moving heads, unique DNA truss, Virtuoso series and GT Tour Deck.

Our team were eager to demonstrate all the products to customers and were particularly enthusiastic to put our new water tank to use. This specially made tank, for the Poseidon moving heads, sat between two illuminated DNA truss legs at the forefront of our stand drawing lots of people in wanting to know more.

Prolight stand at Plasa

Triple threat…

Named after the supreme water God, the Poseidon IP rated outdoor fixtures certainly turned heads. This series currently has 3 versions available to cover a variety of applications. For the price point their functionality and output is astonishing, they bring weatherproof moving heads to installers and rental companies working with tight budget requirements that, up until now, would not have covered IP-rated movers.

The compact yet powerful Poseidon 100 Beam is loaded with a 100W LED engine, precision optics and a tight 1.7 degree beam angle generating an extremely powerful beam that travels over a long distance. The Poseidon 300 CMY Hybrid utilises an extremely bright 300W LED engine generating a versatile 3-30 degree beam and offers a host of features including; motorised linear focus, prism and CMY. The Poseidon 400 Zoom features a variable beam angle of between 5-35 degrees and 19 x 20W Osram RGBW LEDs with individual pixel control and an individually controllable LED ring.

Also popular was the LEDJ QX40. Everyone was impressed with the light output and pixel mapping capabilities of this IP rated flood and loved the optional extras available including lenses, barn door and snoot, further enhancing its usage. The eLumen8 heavy-duty, rental ready IP Endura pars also made an impact, we had the full range on display including the new zoom model. With flicker-free operation, thanks to a 3,600Hz refresh rate, and a multitude of colour and output options the series is made for the most demanding of applications.

Breaking boundaries…

The DNA twisted truss featured on our stand has been designed to take truss to another dimension, creating a stunning contrast to the traditional style and is compatible with the existing F34 standard truss range. Adaptor pieces can be attached which bring the DNA’s twist back into square ensuring the DNA truss can fit seamlessly into most F34 truss designs.

Moving Heads at the Prolight stand

The theatrics…

Our theatrical lighting offering has increased dramatically this year, with numerous product additions and a new distribution partnership with Italian manufacturer LDR. Some of LDRs efficient, high-quality luminaires on show were the Cetra 120W LED RGBW Fresnel, the Alba 250W 3200K LED Profile and the just released Tondo 80W LED Fresnel (coming soon). We specifically designed part of this years’ stand with these products in mind, allowing people to get hands on with them and have a play against our light backdrop to get an idea of output.

Our powerful eLumen8 Virtuoso series proved popular and comes in Fresnel and Profile versions. Both feature advanced RGBAL LED systems making them suitable for many applications. HSIC colour management allows you to create almost any colour whilst the virtual colour wheels provide direct access to multiple colours along with a 2700K to 8000K colour temperature control. The Profile is also super flexible as we provide the body then you choose which optional lens and/or accessories to suit your needs. Some other items stealing the LIMElight were our MP 180 LED Fresnel RGBALC and our MP 120 LED Fresnel.

Prolight stand at Plasa

Bradley Jeffrey, Product Sourcing Manager of the Prolight Concepts Group Ltd said…

“PLASA is a great opportunity to meet new and existing customers from up and down the country, and the size of the event allows us to show our latest fixtures off. The new Poseidon IP moving head range along with DNA truss and theatre fixtures proved to be a talking point at the show and the stand was packed the whole weekend with people wanting to know more about our newest products.”

If you’re looking to up your SFX game, we had it covered at the show with our Magna low fogger which amazed people with it output for such a compact unit. Removing the need for dry ice this unit proved popular as the bigger brother to the Arcus. We also showed a new vertical fogger the ‘Ascender’ which emulates CO2 and projects up to 10m in the air. This hybrid unit also features two LED (RGBAWUV) zones producing dual-colour illuminating the bursts of fog.

Prolight Concepts stand at PLASA, London 2019

Smooth movers…

The powerful 9RE Beam allows users to create sharp, well-defined 2.5° beams, powered by an MSD 260R9 (8000K) discharge lamp. The compact Evora 600 Beam features an 50W RGB LED source which combines ultra-smooth colour mixing and gobos with a sharp high output beam. The Kudos 700 Beam projects a tight 2° concentrated beam from its powerful 110W LED source. The ergonomic head features 2 circular rotating prisms and motorised focus, drop in the frost filter and you can also achieve wash effects. All three sat in prime spots on our GT Tour Deck, our latest staging series, offering rental companies a familiar stage format conforming to industry standard dimensions. Ideally suited to the demands of touring and theatre, the Tour Deck stage system utilises standard scaffold tube size legs (48mmØ) for maximum cross compatibility.