Prolight – The FOCUS of attention @ Plasa, Leeds 2019


The spotlight at Plasa Focus, Leeds was the release of the 2019/20 catalogue and numerous new products showcased including a unique moving head, IP pixel mappable fixture and some genetically enhanced truss! There was an extra element of fun on this year’s stand in the form of a gigantic sized catalogue, which really drew in the crowds and made Prolight the centre of attention.

Bigger is definitely better…
Plasa saw the official release of the 2019/20 catalogue ‘The Big One – 2nd Edition’, with visitors eager to pick up their copy. The marketing and purchasing departments have worked hard over the last few months to get the catalogue ready for its big release and features over 2200 products. As a company, Prolight are continually adding products to provide customers with everything they need for installations and events from peripherals such as cables, connectors and cases through to high quality luminaries, along with staging and truss.

In the spotlight…
Along with key products lines, there were a multitude of new products on show. Professional moving heads from eLumen8 were amongst them including the unique 9RE Beam, an agile moving head powered by a revolutionary MSD 260R9 (8000K) discharge lamp, producing sharp 2.5° beams and focused gobos. Also on display was the Kudos 700 Beam which projects a tight 2° concentrated beam from its powerful 110W LED source.

One other key lighting fixture that was the focus of attention was the IP65 rated Spectra QX40 pixel mappable exterior panel from LEDJ. Equipped with 40 x 10W RGBW LEDs, the QX40 is suitable for illuminating event spaces, stages or facades, while the zone control allows lighting designers to create stunning effects. A range of optional accessories including beam shaping lenses, snoots and barn doors further widen its applications.

The new DNA series from Global Truss features a completely unique twisted design. This DNA series creates a stunning contrast to the traditional box truss and will interface with the existing F34 truss range. Also exploding into the limelight was the new range of special effects from The Confetti Maker.