Prolight, ‘all white on the night’ at SEDA 2018


To mark the 2018 SEDA Shownight and AGM, organisers gave the annual event a bit of a twist with the evening being entirely ‘all white on the night’.

This fresh, clean and white idea for a DJ meet/shownight gave ourselves the opportunity to showcase our extensive range of white products. From LED pinspots, parcans and fresnels to DJ booths, plinths and stand scrims, our white range was perfect for the occasion and drew a lot of attention.

Arenna Matthewson, Area Sales Manager said, “The ‘all white on the night’ theme created a great atmosphere allowing visitors to experience a wider range of white products that we don’t normally get to demonstrate. We also had the opportunity to show off one of our newest products, the Equinox Spark Stream which got some great feedback which is key to our constant product development. I really enjoyed speaking to everyone and seeing what people thought and I look forward to the next show!”

Keep an eye out on our website for information on future shows we will be exhibiting at across the UK.