Everyone was RAVE-ing about our lighting effects!

Raving at Fear Fest

Yorkshire’s biggest Halloween dance music festivals returned for their 7th year in October, and they didn’t disappoint, with over 5,500 people attending each event. Shaun and the team from 52nd Street Event Solutions wanted to make sure that the right atmosphere was created and rigged the main stages out with a large rectangular suspended truss, filled with an array of lighting from some of our key brands; eLumen8, LEDJ and Equinox.

FF19 (Fear Fest ‘19) was held across 4 huge arenas and saw a massive line up including Shy FX, Chase and Status and Danny T to name but a few, whilst the 90’s Fest Halloween had more of a rave feel about it with 5 stages and featured the likes of N-Trance, Ultrabeat and Alice DJ, this festival was fancy dress themed for an added twist!

FF 2019

All these headliners needed lighting shows to enhance their individuality, and 52nd Street thought using a mix of moving heads, battens and videos screens would do just that. Taking centre stage were our new Fusion 200 Zoom Spots mounted around the whole rig. These compact moving heads pack quite a punch producing vibrant colours and adding that something extra with a motorised zoom and 2 bi-directional prisms. The pixel mappable battens gave a different feel altogether by creating a blinder effect that framed their multi-screen video wall. These rugged eLumen8 Tour Battens TW’s contrasted between the cold moving light rig and the warm tungsten feel they produced, giving the impact needed for a show of this type and the music of this genre. Not forgetting to give kudos to the truss, which is the heart of many events, and at these two festivals Global Truss was the ideal choice. A variety of lengths, corners and clamps from the F34 PL series enabled 52nd Street to create the giant rig.

Fear Fest 2019

Further adding to the excitement were our LEDJ Q Colour HEX, 52nd Street positioned these rugged fixtures to provide bright, vibrant washes of colour illuminating the stage. They also utilised a variety of confetti and streamers fired from The Confetti Maker Stadium Cannons to hype up the atmosphere at key points during performances throughout the events.

We’re sure that the attendees enjoyed the festivals, in fact the Prolight team wish they had also attended as it sounds like it was a scream. We love seeing our products used in setups like this and we’re excited to see what’s next for Shaun and his team over at 52nd Street Event Solutions.

Fear Fest 2019 Line Up