East Staging Invest in Global Truss F34 PL Staging System


East Staging bolster its rental inventory with a Global Truss F34 PL Staging System ready for another busy outdoor events season.

After initial discussions with Phil at East Staging it became clear that an adaptable and multi-purpose stage system was required to cope with the wide range of projects that East Staging undertake, thus meaning an off the shelf system was not an option. Their recent investment in the Bose Professional ShowMatch Line Array system meant the stage required needed to be able to incorporate this when necessary.

After looking at our F34 PL system Phil was more than impressed, this ticked all the boxes of what was needed so we designed and constructed a full outdoor stage with PA wings. The CA-3 box sleeve working in conjunction with the aluminium top pulley and steel ground support allowed the stage to be easily built and enable simple lifting of the roof. The system also allows a few extra components to be added with the F34 PL truss when needed to create the line array towers when required.

Bert Harding, Area Sales Manager said, “East Staging have already had some exciting events booked into their diary with the system and we are extremely grateful to have been a part of it.”

Our staging systems have become increasingly popular over the last few years, companies love being able to use their current F34 PL truss along with a few extra components to create line array towers or stage systems.

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