Prolight ‘Wake the Oysters’ at Guys Thatched Hamlet


Guy’s Thatched Hamlet celebrated the 24th annual Guy’s Oyster Festival in association with Guinness, Laurent-Perrier and Budweiser on 3rd to 6th September 2015. The festival started small and has grown to include Oyster Eve on Thursday 3rd September in ‘Owd Nell’s Tavern’ with Live Irish music and a display of Irish dancing – helping to wake the Oysters! The Festival Marquee opened with a seafood luncheon on Friday 4th September where more than 7,000 oysters were consumed. Entertaining more than 1,500 guests with a fabulous luncheon of the finest seafood followed by live singing , dancing and plenty of Guinness! And the traditional Irish jig event that was held on Saturday 5th September attracted more than 2,000 guests.