Techie Talks Equinox Fusion Range


The Prolight Concepts Group recently teamed up with Techie Talks to give honest reviews on their products.
Starting with the Fusion Range from Equinox Techie Talk decided to look specifically at the Fusion 150, Razor Beam and Spot MAX MKII.

Reviewing all 3 fixtures together to start off with; focusing on the inputs/outputs and the DMX channel modes, Techie Talks then went onto review each fixture individually looking at the LED makeup, beam angles and colour mixing. Images are provided to aid the demonstrations of the beam angles, colour mixing, gobos/colour wheels, and the effect of them in haze, giving in depth reviews for all 3 fixtures.

Reviewer James Luff started with the Fusion Razor Beam, the fixture was praised for its chasing beam between different colours which shifts the beam in mid air for a nice looking effect.

Moving onto the Fusion 150, the fixture gave an impressive, bright output over the 40° beam angle, and its size belies its abilities.

Proving the most popular fixture the Fusion Spot MAX MKII was commended for the speed of the units pan and tilt. The units optics, LED colour temperature, split colours and gobo shake were also admired.

James finished the review by saying, “Generally speaking I’ve been more than impressed with what these fixtures are capable of for their price.”