Loud and Proud! – Exclusive UK Distribution of Lynx Pro-Audio


We were recently approached by Lynx Pro-Audio to distribute their vast sound reinforcement product offering. Lynx thought we would be a great match for them with our target markets and large customer base, and we were equally thrilled to become exclusive UK distributors of such a prestigious brand that complements our own audio solutions.

Chris Beesley, Product Sourcing Manager of the Prolight Concepts Group Ltd is pictured above
with Néstor Varela, Acoustic Engineer from the R&D department at Lynx Pro-Audio.

All Lynx Pro-Audio products are designed in-house by their team of engineers and manufactured by highly qualified staff in their headquarters in Valencia, Spain. Their passion and dedication are second to none, and they share the same company ethos for research and development as we do. Our recent visit with them allowed us to experience the quality sound reproduction and master cabinetry first hand. We have already added multiple product ranges manufactured by Lynx, going forward we look to expand the range further to offer our customers even more audio solutions.

Lynx Pro Audio’s Ben Sinclair comments:

“Prolight Concepts have grown very quickly, establishing them as one of the UKs premium distributors. I had the chance to welcome them during a recent visit to our factory and have no doubt that they are the perfect partner for us. They are committed to service and quality and we are very excited to have them as our Exclusive UK distributor”.

Chris Beesley comments:

“The addition of Lynx Pro-Audio to our distribution portfolio is a logical step forward enabling Prolight Concepts Group Ltd to offer an additional premium audio brand. Based in Valencia, Spain, Lynx Pro-Audio design, voice and manufacture a comprehensive range of loudspeakers using branded components. Their commitment to constant product development aligns with Prolights constant thrive for new products.”

More about Lynx Pro-Audio…

Lynx develop products from the initial idea through to the final production, passing through theoretical calculations, simulations, CAD and 3D design, testing, assembly as well as each and every stage necessary to ensure the development of that perfect end product. The Lynx production staff have over 30 years of experience manufacturing professional audio equipment, possessing high skill levels and expertise in every process of fabrication. They believe that each cabinet should not only be completed perfectly on the outside but also on the inside, so at Lynx Pro-Audio each finished product is verified, measured and tested individually, ensuring it arrives perfect – every time.

Lynx Pro-Audio Catalogue 2019