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Visio V Ceiling Tri VC-1TC Mk I

The V Ceiling delivers dynamic colour changes of the full colour spectrum with continuously variable intensity. With MR16 (VC-1TC,VC-3, VC-4 and VC-6) and AR1-11 (VC-12) housings, high powered LEDs and precise optical systems, the V Ceiling can easily achieve all desired effects for a wide range of applications.

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- 1 x 3W tri-colour LED
- Beam Angle: 25°
- Stylish extruded aluminium housing
- Large heat sink for optimal thermal management
- Supplied with RJ-45 Splitter
- Requires RJ-T Terminator when used in multiples

- Power consumption: 3.3W
- Power supply: DC 48V
- Dimensions: dia. 50 x 57mm
- Weight: 0.4kg



Inner Box Information

Height (cm) 10.8
Width (cm) 9.2
Depth (cm) 9.2
Weight (kg) 0.4
Barcode 0721405347001
Qty In Outer 12