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Suono F650 PLUS Fresnel 650W

A compact, quality 300W/500W/650W fresnel spotlight ideal for professional applications in smaller venues. The soft-edged beam is adjustable by a screw focus mechanism, and the design also includes a glass reflector and a double-microswitch interlock for safe lamp replacement. A gel frame and safety guard are all included as standard.

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- 650W lamp (not supplied)
- Beam style: Variable-spread, soft-edged beam
- Adjustable beam angle: 7° - 60°
- Focus adjustment: Screw focus with control on rear
- Working position: Max. tilting ± 90° from horizontal
- Beam shaping: Optional 4-leaf barn door
- Lamp base: GY9.5
- Lamp types:
300W 230V M38 2950K 2000 hrs
500W 230V T18 3000K 360 hrs / T25 3000K 360 hrs / M40 2950K 2.000 hrs
650W 230V T26 3050K 600 hrs / T27 3050K 600 hrs
300W 120V CP81 FKW 3200K 50 hrs
650W 120V CP89 FKR 3200K 200 hrs
- Positional adjustment single rim-clamp tilt lock
- Auto-disconnect double-pole microswitch
- 3 accessory runner slots
- 150 x 150mm gel frame and safety guard included
- Reflector: 55mm diameter glass
- Lens: 120mm diameter fresnel
- Mounting bracket and stirrup rotates 360° around the body of the luminaire
- Captive power connection
- Power cable to bare ends included
- Construction: Extruded aluminium and sheet steel

- Power supply: 230/240V AC
- Dimensions: 295 x 210 x 305mm
- Weight: 4.1kg




Inner Box Information

Height (cm) 32.0
Width (cm) 48.0
Depth (cm) 31.0
Weight (kg) 5.5
Barcode 0759478550646
Qty In Outer 1