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SCS 224 Speaker Processor

The SCS 224 loudspeaker management system from W Audio features two inputs, four outputs and has a five band parametric equaliser for each output. The units output section includes a high performance limiter per output, compressor, phase and delay. Independent control of each high and low pass filter allows asymmetric crossover bands to be created.

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- 2 balanced inputs and 4 balanced outputs
- 24-bit and 48kHz sampling rate, 32-bit DSP chip
- Input processors; Gain, mute, noise gate, 8 parameter EQ and delay
- Output processors; Crossover, 5 parameter EQ, gain, mute, compressor/limiter and delay
- Flexible matrix assignments on every input and output channel
- Adjustable PEQ frequency, gain and bandwidth with selectable types; (PEAK, H-SHELVE and L-SHELVE)
- Selectable styles of high/low-cut filters; Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel; slope choice is from -6dB/Oct to -48dB/Oct
- Adjustable compressor/limiter value, rate, start-up and resume times
- Adjustable attack and release times of all noise gates
- Easy parameter copying
- Preloaded with parameters for the W Audio Zenith Series
- 32 user presets, PC software, USB control, online remote control and up to 256 units are linkable through the RS-485
- Can be controlled with PC via USB

- Power supply: 240V
- Dimensions: 480 x 205 x 45mm
- Weight: 2.8kg




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Height (cm) 12.5
Width (cm) 52.5
Depth (cm) 29.0
Weight (kg) 3.3
Barcode 0723175525047
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