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RJ45 Feedthrough Socket with Sealing Kit NE8FDP-TOP

The NE8FDP-TOP is a ruggedised and lockable RJ45 connector, optimised for pro audio, video and lighting network applications. The chassis connectors designed to fit into standard D-size panel cut outs. The RJ45 feedthrough receptacle, combined with sealing kit SE8FD-TOP, D-shape metal flange with the latch lock, mounting screws included.

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- True outdoor protection according to IP65
- Outdoor protection when mated with NE8MX-TOP or sealing cap closed
- Mountable from the front of the panel
- Accommodates NE8MCX series or any standard RJ45 plug
- Approved latch lock system
- NOTE: Does not intermate with CAT6 cable connector NE8MC6-MO and NKE6S series cables

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