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PRO 7 x 5m LED Black Starcloth (Excludes Controller)

LEDJ Pro Starcloths feature white LEDs and bring a WOW factor to almost any event or venue. The addition of a star cloth can immediately change the dynamics of any room. The LED strings are arranged in a random formation to give a realistic night sky effect. Eyelets, holes and Velcro allow for seamless cloth jointing on all 4 sides. When linked together several drapes can be controlled simultaneously and fully synchronised via the required LEDJ starcloth controller (STAR24).

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- 210 x 5mm cool white LEDs
- Black Molton, low maintenance fabric
- Eyelets, holes and velcro for seamless cloth jointing on all four sides

- Dimensions: 7 x 5m





Inner Box Information

Height (cm) 57.0
Width (cm) 56.0
Depth (cm) 41.0
Weight (kg) 21.0
Barcode 0759478552138
Qty In Outer 1