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PM Z6 Paging Microphone

A dedicated paging microphone for the MA Z6 series mixer amplifiers offering remote paging and chime triggering. Featuring a high quality condenser microphone element for clear audio and the highest intelligibility. The PM Z6 may be powered directly from the MA Z6 series amplifiers, or for longer cable runs (50m+) the microphone may be powered by the supplied 24V DC mains adaptor. In large installations, up to six PM Z6 microphones may be cascaded to allow paging from different locations.

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- 3 year warranty
- Condenser microphone element
- Highest priority for system wide announcements
- Buttons for TALK and CHIME
- 10 segment LED VU meter
- Microphone volume control
- Powered by the amplifier when connected to 50m of cable or less
- Power ON/OFF switch

- Power supply: 24V DC (adaptor supplied)
- Impedance: 680Ω
- Frequency response: 50Hz - 18kHz
- Dimensions: 43.5 x 197 x 115mm
- Weight: 0.96kg




Inner Box Information

Height (cm) 44.0
Width (cm) 26.0
Depth (cm) 12.0
Weight (kg) 1.8
Barcode 0090125499742
Qty In Outer 1