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Aspect Exterior 3W Warm White Feature Light

This stylish, compact feature light has 3 x 1W LEDs that produce a bright beam of light to illuminate and highlight outdoor areas including gardens, paths, foliage and facades. This IP65 rated fixture comes in a die-cast alloy housing and has IP rated power input/output trailing connections to allow multiple units to be powered from a single cable run.

- 3 x 1W warm white LEDs
- Beam angle: 35°
- 420 Lux @ 2m
- IP rated 0.75m power input/output linkable trailing connections
- 7mm° mounting hole
- Convection cooled
- IP rated power cable not included

- Power consumption: 4W
- Power supply: 240V~50Hz
- IP rating: IP65
- Dimensions: 110 x 90 x 90mm
- Weight: 0.55kg






Inner Box Information

Height (cm) 15.0
Width (cm) 26.0
Depth (cm) 17.0
Weight (kg) 0.8
Barcode 0090125504347
Qty In Outer 8

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