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F34 Standard Spindle Foot (4 into 1 + screwjack)

This height adjustable (35-70cm) Standard F34 threaded spindle base is used as an alternative to a base plate in uneven floor situations, allowing for the variable height adjustment of truss verticals with the easy-to-use screw jack. The spindle base is commonly used for constructions including stage roof systems and exhibition stands where the base beneath the construction is not level.

- Supplied with 4 conical connectors, 8 bullet pins and 8 R clips
- 2mm wall thickness aluminium
- 1000kg static load capacity (indoor, zero side load)
- Supplied with 500mm screw jack

- Truss diameter: 290mm
- Tube diameter: 50mm
- Dimensions: 290x290mm
- 350mm high (without the screw jack)
- Weight: 5.6kg

Inner Box Information

Height (cm) 45.0
Width (cm) 29.0
Depth (cm) 29.0
Weight (kg) 5.7
Barcode 0759478552800
Qty In Outer 1