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BG615 Portable Battery Powered Generator

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the eLumen8 BG615 is a 300W industrial portable battery powered generator with in-built charger. Rugged, compact and waterproof with industrial PCE 16A input and output sockets, this product is a fantastic lightweight power bank for almost any location.

- Main pass through to give automatic switch over to battery in the event of a mains power failure
- Provide power wherever it is needed, ultra flexible power supply for any remote location
- Reliable pure sine-wave inverter energy to power any compatible equipment
- Rugged, strong construction
- IP65 waterproof, suitable for outdoor use
- Compact, portable and easy to transport
- Multi-functional display to easily view charge status, battery capacity, estimated run or recharge time
- Virtually silent operation, zero emissions
- Suitable for indoor use
- Built-in protection from overload, under/over-heating over-discharge and short circuit
- Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
- Integrated charger
- Simultaneous recharge and discharge, mains pass throughto load whilst the charger recharges the battery
- Charging time: 8 hours (approx.)
- PCE 16A power input/output
- Fan assisted cooling

- Max. continuous power (depending on type of load): 300W
- Power supply: 240V, 50Hz
- Battery: 14.6V 41.6Ah
- Energy: 615W per hour
- IP rating: IP65
- Recommended operating temperature: -20°C to +30°C
- Recommended charging temperature: 0°C to +30°C
- Recommended storing temperature: -20°C to +40°C
- Dimensions (H x W x D): 170 x 390 x 310mm (excluding connectors)
- Weight: 8.5kg




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