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DP 306 Speaker Processor

The DP 306 provides the tools that ensure sound professionals and audio contractors obtain the maximum clarity for tours and installation. Although the unit is loaded with functions and features, it is easy to set-up and use. The units output section includes a high performance limiter per output, compressor, phase and delay. Independent control of each high and low pass filter allows asymmetric crossover bands to be created.

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- 3 x channel XLR input and 6 x channel XLR output processor
- 24-bit and 48kHz sampling rate, 32-bit DSP chip
- Input processors; Gain, mute, noise gate, 8 parameter EQ and delay
- Output processors; Crossover, 5 parameter EQ, gain, mute, compressor/limiter and delay
- Flexible matrix assignments on every input and output channel
- Adjustable PEQ frequency, gain and bandwidth with selectable types; (PEAK, H-SHELVE and L-SHELVE)
- Selectable high/low-cut filters; Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel; slope choice from -6dB/Oct to -48dB/Oct
- Adjustable compressor/limiter value, rate, start-up and resume times
- Adjustable attack and release times of all noise gates
- Easy parameter copying
- Signal test with selectable pink or white noise, with 20Hz -20kHz adjustable sine wave and signal range
- 2 x 20 character LCD display screen with push buttons
- Preloaded with parameters for the W Audio Zenith Series
- 32 user presets can be saved and adjusted separately with code protection

- Power supply: 240V
- Dimensions: 480 x 205 x 45mm
- Weight: 2.8kg




Inner Box Information

Height (cm) 12.8
Width (cm) 53.3
Depth (cm) 29.0
Weight (kg) 3.4
Barcode 0723175525030
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