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DMX 512 Merger

The DMX Merger merges two DMX signal inputs, to one output. Three operation modes can be selected by using the 2 dip switch setting. The three operation modes include HTP (Highest Takes Priority), back up and merge mode. When set to HTP mode the controller with the highest channel output setting will take priority on output. HTP is the most commonly used to controller dimmer channels. When set to the back up mode, a controller that is connected to the “B” DMX input will be on stand by and will only take over if the controller connected to the “A” DMX input fails. When set to merge mode, the controller signals coming into the “A” and “B” DMX inputs will merge to one output.

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- 3 different operation modes; HTP, back up and merge
- 2 x 3-Pin XLR inputs
- 1 x 3-Pin XLR output
- 2 x 5-Pin XLR inputs
- 1 x 5-Pin XLR out socket
- 19” rack mountable

- Power supply: DC-12V~500mA min (by adaptor included)
- Dimensions: 482 x 74 x 44mm
- Weight: 1.1kg



Inner Box Information

Height (cm) 9.5
Width (cm) 56.0
Depth (cm) 12.0
Weight (kg) 1.3
Barcode 0721405341078
Qty In Outer 4