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10m Seetronic IP 5-Pin Male XLR – 5-Pin Female XLR DMX Cable

Rugged, IP rated DMX cable suitable for interconnections between fixtures using the waterproof XLR connectors. The Seetronic XLR utilises additional internal seals to prevent moisture ingress. The cable can also be used in fixtures using Seetronic IP rated XLR connectors offering IP65 connectivity, or may also be mated with standard XLRs and are fully compatible with XLRs. Note: If mated with standard XLRs, the IP65 rating will not be maintained.

- Seetronic SCWM5-B 5-pin IP65 rated XLR male to SCWF5-B 5-pin IP65 rated XLR female
- Super flexible, 1 pair screened DMX cable
- Heat resistant cable
- 110Ω digital specification cable
- All internal cores terminated with heatshrink for reliability




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