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CA M26 DMX Merger/Splitter

This combined DMX merger/splitter and amplifier has 2 DMX inputs and 6 DMX outputs, each equipped with both 3-Pin and 5-Pin XLR connectors for versatility. The splitter function distributes the DMX signal(s) from the input(s) over 6 identical outputs which are 100% isolated from each other. DMX data packet refresh rate adjustment. DMX merging is offered in several ways: (1) HTP: The highest value of 2 identical channels from 2 DMX signals takes priority. (2) Backup: When the DMX signal on input A fails, the DMX signal in input B takes over immediately. (3) Merger: DMX signals from two different controllers can be combined and sent down a single cable, selectable start address for the second controller.

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- Split and merge DMX signals
- 2 DMX inputs and 6 DMX outputs
- 3-Pin and 5-Pin XLR inputs/outputs
- DMX refresh rate: 23ms (44Hz) to 45ms (22Hz)
- 100% electrical isolation between all inputs/outputs
- 1U, 19" rack mountable

- Power supply: 240V, 50Hz
- Dimensions: 44 x 482 x 150mm
- Weight: 2.9kg




Inner Box Information

Height (cm) 14.0
Width (cm) 53.0
Depth (cm) 24.0
Weight (kg) 3.3
Barcode 0721405345243
Qty In Outer 6