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6 Way PDU with Individually Switchable Outlets (PDU6SW)

6 Way Rack Mount PDU with Individually Switchable Outlets of 13A maximum combined load. Designed to provide a versatile hook-up for the distribution of AC power. 6 separate switches allow racks to be powered up or isolated individually, being the most suitable to power separated multimedia racking applications. The Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) protects rack applications against small but frequent electrical surges caused by simultaneous operation of large equipment. Combine with 13A fuse and lightning strike protection, equipment would stay safe and functional even after severe voltage spikes from unexpected lightning and utility accidents.

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- Circuit breaker: 13A
- Max. A/C Output: 13A Current
- Nominal voltage: 230V
- Output: 6 x Individually Switched 13A-240V (UK1-13R) BS1363A Type G Shuttered Sockets
- Power input: 13A-250V PLUG (U

- Dimensions: 30mm x 88.5mm x 430mm (483mm overall)

Inner Box Information

Height (cm) 6.5
Width (cm) 49.0
Depth (cm) 14.5
Weight (kg) 1.6
Barcode 0090125503272
Qty In Outer 1