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10m XLR Multicore 12 Way

The W Audio XLR Multicore series is not only ideal for live applications leaving you with a well organised stage but is also a great asset for studios. They feature several different connector combinations which cover a host of applications. Cables are fitted with high quality connectors, ensuring top-grade signal transmission. Each cable has its own identification marking, making it easy to distinguish between the various connections. Heat-shrink tubing keeps the cables neatly bundled and protects them from breaking, and a pull relief ensures that the inputs and outputs of audio mixers donโ€™t suffer from the weight of the cables.

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- Steel stage box complete with carry handle, mounting holes and large strain relief grommet
- Screened, balanced audio cable

- Full details coming soon.

Inner Box Information

Height (cm) 31.0
Width (cm) 38.0
Depth (cm) 22.0
Weight (kg) 6.1
Barcode 0723175523241
Qty In Outer 1