Let it rain colour – IP65 Spectra QX40 Pixel


The powerful LEDJ Spectra QX40 Pixel definitely gives the wow factor to any indoor or outdoor space! This IP rated exterior fixture outperforms other LED washes of this size, and will withstand the elements, illuminating event spaces, stages or facades in all weathers.

Utilising quad-colour technology from its 40 x 10W RGBW LEDs the Spectra QX40 Pixel can produce a wide colour spectrum from rich, primary colours through to subtle pastel hues. This, coupled with 5 segment pixel zone control, allows lighting designers to create stunning effects. This multi-use fixture can also be truss mounted via the included Omega clamps, making it perfect for use as a blinder, strobe or stage wash panel too.

The QX40 features a heavy-duty alloy chassis with precise 180° tilt angle adjustment, quick release omega brackets, powerCON TRUE1 connectors and IP rated 5-Pin XLR connectors both fitted with protective rubber covers. It also has an easy to navigate 4 button menu with OLED display plus both wired DMX and W-DMX Sweden wireless DMX, further widening its application use.

The benefits don’t stop there… this multifunctional fixture is like a chameleon with its broad range of optional extras. The LEDJ QX40 has a long-throw 8° beam angle as standard but this can be easily changed with the optional 15° x 60°, 40° and 20° fast fit beam shaping lenses. Barn doors or a snoot to reduce glare and light spill are also available. Keeping the fixture safe is an optional custom designed flight case holding up to 4 units and accessories.