Keep it simple with the truss Silencer from Global Truss


Global Truss has developed the truss Silencer, a rubber damper that is simply pushed on to the end of a truss pin to reduce noise when assembling truss structures.

The Silencer will decrease the volume when hammering truss pins by around 50% whilst dampening the high pitch frequencies significantly. A special rubber blend is being used in production which makes the Silencer flexible yet hard enough to transfer the force of the hammer effectively, and whilst preserving the material of the pin and the copper hammer. The Silencer has been designed to be left on the truss pins, whilst fitted to the truss, providing protection not only to the truss but also the surface it is sitting upon. Another added feature is that it offers camouflage when silver pins are used on black truss.

“Audio measurements were conducted by audio specialists under real live and laboratory conditions, and confirm that with the help of our Silencer an 8dB decrease of the acoustic noise can be achieved. Additional measurements have revealed that especially high pitch tones are significantly dampened for protection of the human ear. Tests during events have attested that other service providers on location did not feel as disturbed by noise when assembling truss,” says Oliver Braun, Marketing Director of Global Truss.

This invention is so easy to use and offers great value, proving that the simplest solutions can lead to brilliant results. Since the inception of Global Truss, innovation is one of the guiding principles and the whole industry shall now benefit from this innovation, as Global Truss will distribute the Silencer for free to all customers, users, exhibition visitors and other interested parties with Global Truss stocks.

“Global Truss’ goal from the beginning has been to provide top quality, availability, reliability and innovation. With the Silencer we have once more developed a clever product, and since the solution is so simple and easy we couldn’t possibly market it in a conventional way. We hope that everyone benefits and profits from our new invention,” adds Oliver Braun.

The Silencer was released this week at Prolight+Sound 2018 Frankfurt and will debut in the UK at Plasa Leeds on the 1st and 2nd May on our Stand N-C26. For easy registration to Plasa Leeds follow this link.

After the exhibitions you can simply call and request silencers direct from our stock. The silencer is also featured in our NEW Clamps, Couplers and Accessories catalogue which should be landing on doorsteps anytime now for subscribed UK LSi readers. If you’re not subscribed, don’t worry. Just give us a call and we get one sent out for you.

Keep it simple! – The Silencer.