Hell yeah to the Helix! – It’s now here

Equinox Helix Gobo Flower

Everyone has already become infatuated or should we say obsessed with the Equinox Helix; a compact yet powerful 100W fixture, crammed full of clever programming! The Helix has really caused ripples over the last few months with people scrambling to be the first to get their hands on one, well the wait is finally over, they have landed at Prolight HQ and are now being dispatched.

Equinox are definitely bringing the old school back with a whole host of added features, and whether you have been in the industry for years or just getting started the Helix 100W Gobo Flower is certainly the must have product of the moment. This fun fixture produces showers of vibrantly coloured moving gobos that can be projected on to walls and dance floors.

“18 months in the making, the Equinox Helix has gone through extensive research and development to ensure it meets the demands of mobile DJs and event companies alike. It has gained popularity across social media, along with retailers, with everyone wanting to get their hands on a modern take on an old school favourite.” said Bradley Jeffrey, General Manager.

The gobos have been specially selected with the mobile DJ or event organiser in mind, and the added hearts and snowflake gobos make it ideal for seasonal events and weddings. Clever programming not only allows users to remove these from the stand alone and sound active programs, it also allows for some single gobos to be selected and then have specific colours from the colour wheel added to them manually. The unit, although compact in size, has a wide 40° beam angle but still packs a punch over a long distance thanks to its superior optics and high output cool white LED (7400K).

The anticipated release is now upon us, and with more on their way you still have chance to add them to your set-up or event. Equinox are continually striving to give users what they are asking for and have even more exciting products in the pipeline.

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Helix Gobo Flower