Prolight help redefine Dubai’s clubbing scene at ICZ


Inner City Zoo chose The Prolight Concepts Group to help create a club that is ‘sassy and stylish, friendly and accessible, groovy and intimate, kick-ass and cosy with a hint of urban elegance’. With the entertainment and nightlife scene in Dubai booming, Inner City Zoo wanted to be a club where you can ‘loose the suit and tie, blow off some steam in style and untame your inner beast’.

Lighting Designer, Ben Rogers worked alongside Solutions Leisure; one of the largest entertainment and nightlife groups in the Middle East to ‘create moments that people live for’. Like previous installations Ben turned to the Prolight Concepts Group for several fixtures including our unique GB-1 Reflectabeam. 4 of these strategically placed above the dance floor allowed for lighting beams to be aimed at the fixtures multi-faceted, individually controllable dishes, producing a multitude of pin sharp shards of light that reflect across the dance floor and venue.

In addition to the Reflectabeams, Ben also used 22 eLumen8 MP 75 RGBW LED Fresnels along with 34 LEDJ Event Spot RGBW to illuminate VIP tables, the clubs entrance, architectural highlights and the Zoos “cage” in which guests can have photo opportunities behind bars. These fixtures provided the versatility needed for an ‘electric atmosphere’ allowing for bright vibrant saturated colours which with the white can create for more pastel shades.

7 Transcension N8 Art-Net™/DMX Nodes provided reliable and affordable Art-Net distribution throughout the whole lighting network whilst over 200 Global Truss Half Couplers and safety bonds were used for rigging.

Lighting Designer – Ben Rogers
Operator – Solutions Leisure
Images Copyright – Solutions Leisure
Venue –