Piccadilly Gardens fountains flow once more


Improvements to the ever popular light up water attraction in Piccadilly Gardens, featuring products from our Visio brand, have been completed.

The new reinforced concrete tank now has a water capacity of 70,000 litres that will feed 15 pumps to power the 180 jets that create the incredible illuminated water show above the surface – now throwing water up to 6 metres into the air.

A total of 360 Visio V Aqua VA-6 IP68 rated (suitable for permanent submersion in water), energy-efficient colour changing LED luminaires were specified to provide lighting to each of the fountain jets and are still going strong three years after the initial installation. This further solidifies the integrity and quality of these fixtures from a brand in the portfolio of the Prolight Concepts Group.

Each jet has two sets of the ever popular Visio LED lights, controlled by an underground system that allows the water above ground to be up lit in any combination of colours. Used in similar applications worldwide, these luminaires can also be programmed to provide hundreds of hues, effects and colour combinations. The lights are synchronised with the timing of the fountain, creating a complex ‘light show’.

City centre spokesman Pat Karney said the £400,000 project will make the fountains of Manchester comparable to the historic fountains of Rome. He said: “It’s like anything you’d see in Rome. I imagine some Italians will come to see it. It will be a real tourist attraction.”

Why not view the fountains live in Manchester Piccadilly Gardens or view a short video here.

Visio V Aqua at Manchester Piccadilly Gardens
Visio V Aqua at Manchester Piccadilly Gardens
Visio V Aqua at Manchester Piccadilly Gardens