Ben Rogers creates industrial vibe to win over new crowd


Best New Nightlife Venue, Lock, Stock & Barrel utilises a range of products from The Prolight Concepts Group ‘in favour of a retro, unpretentious, industrial vibe to win over a new crowd’.

Lighting Designer, Ben Rogers worked alongside Solutions Leisure to create ‘a bar for everybody that can morph throughout the week’. When it came to the design Ben looked at each area separately. The stage area which displayed a bottle wall as the main feature was made up of 24 eLumen8 COB LED Matrix Tri Pixel Panels, complimented by 20 eLumen8 Kudos 100ZS Moving Heads and 2 more eLumen8 COB LED Matrix Tri Pixel Panels.

The 8 eLumen8 16R Zoom Profile Moving Heads, mounted underneath the beer kegs allowed flexibility. Providing a good zoom and CMY colour mixing this fixture was perfect for getting the subtle changes and tints to compliment the venues industrial vibe.

8 iSolution iMove 350SR Moving Heads mounted in the roof above and below the mezzanine allowed for a more ‘club’ feel when required. One of the original briefs was to create a warm and inviting glow and for anything too digital to be avoided.

Ben’s choice of soft wash beams framing the stage were perfectly suited so the more classic rock ’n’ roll vibe that was maintained. Architectural lighting was also provided by the Prolight Group with 20 eLumen8 PF100 LED Profiles in warm white, 6 LEDJ Slimline 12Q5 RGBA Battens and over 500m of SMD LED tape.

Lighting Designer – Ben Rogers
Operator – Solutions Leisure
Venue –