Equinox Tritons Beam up Platinum Nightclub Coatsbridge


To be ready for the Bank Holiday Easter weekend Platinum Nightclub Coatsbridge chose The Prolight Concepts Group products to create an atmosphere with a big impact leaving clubbers in awe and raving for weeks about it.

Platinum Nightclub approached Mac Events wanting them to handle the lighting and sound install for this new club. The club owners John Armstrong and Aaron Roberston were looking for something with a big impact that would leave people talking highly of this new club. After testing and reviewing various options Steven at Mac Events decided that the Equinox Triton Beam would do the job perfectly, which would be spread around truss and suspended over the dancefloor.

The club owners were a little concerned at first that being such a compact fixture they weren’t going to deliver the effect and brightness they wanted, however once rigged, Mac Events asked the owners to come down to see the new lighting rig and they were speechless. This was exactly the effect they were looking for and more!

Equinox Triton Beam
Equinox Triton Beam
Equinox Triton Beam

Steven McCracken, Owner of Mac Events commented, “For being so compact, these fixtures deliver a punch and with integrated focus, prism and gobos you are certainly getting lot for your money. The full colour display layout makes it much easier to navigate around the settings too.”

After the opening weekend, Steven went back to see John and Aaron to make sure they were happy with the rig and everything was all good, they commented, “We are blown away with the light output of these units, housing only a 30W LED. For a light that outputs as much as this we would have expected to pay at least double. People all over are talking about the club, especially the lighting and sound installation, which has really put us on the map. We will be upgrading the lighting in our second room very soon so will be getting the guys from Mac Events back over to work their magic in there too.”