Award winning Nightlife Venue, LSB continue its success


Award winning Nightlife Venue, Lock, Stock & Barrel continues its success, opening a second venue at Rixos Premium utilising a range of products from The Prolight Concepts Group to create a ‘trendy industrial style decor that gives off a cool casual vibe’.

Continuing the success from the first LSB Barsha Heights a second venue over two and a half times the size has just opened at Rixos Premium, JBR The Walk, Dubai. The new venue has all the elements that are known and loved which made the first Lock, Stock and Barrel such a success. The ground floor being similar to the original LSB, whilst the second floor boasts a new food focussed concept with an urban carnival feel, inspired by food trucks and street food from around the world.

Lighting Designer, Ben Rogers worked alongside Solutions Leisure to create ‘a buzzing nightlife hangout’ ‘to take JBR’s nightlife scene by storm’. Like the original LSB Ben turned to the Prolight Concepts Group for several key fixtures and effects for the project. “The team at the Prolight Concepts Group deliver excellent quality products with a customer focused approach and exceptional service, it was a delight to be working with them again”. For the design Ben looked at each area separately; with the main seating area once again featuring 24 eLumen8 COB LED Matrix Tri Pixel Panels to create the impressive “bottle wall” feature as a focal point of the venue.

The 49 LEDJ Spectra Batten 24T3 and 6 x 12T3 Exterior fixtures were mounted throughout the venue, including above and below the bottle wall and speaker walls, allowing slight colour/hue changes with smooth colour mixing to compliment the venues changing events.

8 eLumen8 1K White LED Strobes and 3 eLumen8 3K RGB LED Strobes were mounted on black truss situated above the main seating area perfect for when the venue wanted more of a ‘nightlife’ feel.

Over 100 LEDJ Event Spot RGBW were used all through the venue including the food-focussed second floor to spot the tables in various hues and saturations perfect for the ever changing events.

The classic rock ’n’ roll vibe from the original LSB was definitely maintained throughout this larger venue. Architectural lighting was also provided by the Prolight Concepts Group with 40 eLumen8 MP 75 LED Fresnels in RGBW and 8 MP 60 LED Fresnels in warm white and over 200m of SMD LED tape. Rigging accessories were also provided with over 250 Global Truss Half Coupler Clamps along with over 250 safety bonds.

Lighting Designer – Ben Rogers
Operator – Solutions Leisure
Images Copyright – Solutions Leisure
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