Manchester Tyre Warehouse Undergoes Transformation


Continuing the fascination of Manchester’s buzzing warehouse club scene, the owners of the new Dolphin Club gave Hollowsphere a blank canvas to play with for this installation.

To bring the old tyre warehouse in Ardwick to life Hollowsphere installed four LEDJ Slimline 3HEX12 fixtures to the buildings columns allowing control via the easy-to-use IR remote. Four LEDJ Slimline 9Q8 were installed over the DJ Booth along with two Equinox Lightning Cracker 2 strobes and two Acme Dynamic 25 Scans. The DJs are able to fully control the lights via a Transcension LED Master 64 controller and Strobes with the Equinox Strobe Command Remote.

The owners, DJs and customers are extremely pleased with the finished installation.

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