eLumen8 and Equinox dominate MBSL’s latest installations


MBSL have been utilising many of the Prolight Concept Groups products in a variety of installations recently. The product ranges featured are varied and range from moving heads and scanners to battens and strobes, predominantly from our eLumen8 and Equinox brands. In addition, MBSL have also included audio solutions from our ever-expanding Clever Acoustics brand. We have listed a handful of the installations below which feature the following products: eLumen8 Kudos 108 Moving Heads, Acme Scanner Beam Bars, Mirrorball, Equinox Lightning Strike LED Strobes, Clever Acoustics ZM8 Matrix Zone System, Equinox Fusion Beam RGBW, eLumen8 Alu HEX Par 64 Cans and Acme Scanners.