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Display 3D DMX Encoder

The Display 3D DMX Encoder is a dedicated encoder for the Display 3D Panels and must be used to address the Display 3D Panels.

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- Dedicated Encoder for the Display 3D Panels - Order code: LEDJ450
- 4 push button menu with LCD display
- DC 9-12V power input
- 9V PP3 battery
- RJ45 signal output

- Power consumption: 1.5W
- Power supply: DC 9-12V
- Dimensions: 140 x 103 x 45mm
- Weight: 0.4kg




Packaging Information

Qty In Outer 1
Height (cm) 7.5
Width (cm) 24.0
Depth (cm) 21.0
Weight (kg) 0.9
Barcode 0090125496802