No winter blues at ICE Mountain Adventure Park!


ICE Mountain in Belgium, is a ski and snowboarding adventure park featuring two pistes with real snow as you would find in the mountains. They also have a climbing park, paint balling, laser game, indoor skydiving and much more.

ICE Mountain have many events throughout the year including the ROXY ladies night. This popular event required some extra punch this year which came in the form of extra atmospheric lighting from our LEDJ, eLumen8 and Equinox brands provided by ODTEC EVENT. The main feature was a vibrant wash of blue from multiple LEDJ Q40 Spectra Flood exterior fixtures, which illuminated the a massive area of the indoor slope.

Other products were used off the slope in the entertainment area to create an upbeat vibe for the bar, dance floor and product booths. The lighting featured included the Equinox Kaleido, eLumen8 1RE Beam, eLumen8 Evora 1000 BSW and some LEDJ Starcloths.